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Clear and detailed representation of your trading activity.


Real-time trading trends and making A/B–books decisions.


Monitoring as well as immediate interception of all unusual unauthorized activity.

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Secure, multi-part modular system, which combines a risk-free liquidity bridge and market making order pool. Web-based cross-functional risk management & business analytics service. Percent Allocation Management Module is a multi-component system that allows a broker to increase trading volume by attracting experienced traders and investors.

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Trading Software for Startup Brokers

MT4/MT5 offers a complete solution allowing startup brokers to save their time and costs, and easily enter one of the most attractive markets with premium technology.

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Trader Software
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Trading Accounts
Unlimited Unlimited Upto 1000 Upto 2000
Mobile & Web Terminal
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Group + Manager + Symbols
9 + 4 + 30 12 + 6 + 60 9 + 6 + 60 12 + 9 + 120
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Quick features

Trade Server

The main app of the SetupFX trading platform. Management of thousands of trading accounts in offline mode and several thousands in online mode.

Guard & Backup

The Guard services is providing continuous operation of the Trade server. In case of any technical
glitch, it can restore its operability
in 5 min.


The SetupFX platform contains built-in Smart Dealer, which automatically processed all the requests of the customers, except the necessity of manual orders processing.


For STP brokers, who choose the A-booking model, we've developed a unique solution – Smart Dealer.


Data feed, dynamic graphics, «bulls» against «bears», referral programs and flexible registrations.

Data feed

The SetupFX platform server gets the data from several resources at the same time, using the TCP or DDE protocol.

Cost Effective

Count your setup and monthly spending for successful forex broker, Find HaveTrade quality service priced low.


Our technology infrastructure cannot be matched with our competitors, Speed, Reliability with 99.9%

what We Offer

MetaTrader 4

MT4 is the software that allows you to explore not just regional level trading but global market of Trading. It allows you to do mobile trading along with assuring you that your data is handles with utmost security. It guides not only the existing brokers, but also those who are new to trading.

  • Preferred by for millions of traders
  • Powerful Trading System
  • Professional Technical Analysis
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Trading Strategy Tester
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